Webinars & Workshops


2023 Workshops

Tree Planting - Kevin Lombard, Superintendent Agricultural Sceince Center

Equine Deworming - Dr. Jason Turner, NMSU Horse Specialsit 

Farm Seed Preparation - Tyrone Thompson, Native Farmer 

Bull Breeding & Soundness Exam/Trich Testing - Dr. Koziol, Texas Tech University

Mini Hoop House Start-up - Darrell Yazzie, Dine College Extension Agent

Sheep and Goat Vaccination & Health Management - Dr. Alexandra Eckhoff, State of NM Veterinarian

Landscaping with Native Plants - Carole Palmer, COP Food Specialist

  • Landscaping with Native Plants PowerPoint Slides - coming soon! 
  • Webinar Recording

Tree Pruning - Dr. Marisa Thompson, NMSU Garden Specialist 

Spring Vegetable Gardening - Dr. Stephanie Walker, NMSU Garden Specialists 

Beef Nutrition - Kate Schulz, New Mexico Beef Consultant 

Identifying Common Garden/Crop Insects & Pests - Joanie King, NMSU Entomology Specialist 

USDA - Animal Disease Traceability - Dr. Zimmerman, State of New Mexico Veterinarian 

Beef Cuts - Tom Bertelli & Dina Chacon-Reitzel, New Mexico Beef Council 

Bull Selection - Dr. Marcy Ward, NMSU Livestock Specialist 

Spring 2023 Outlook - Dr. Saffell, Arizona State Climatologist | Drought Monitoring Webinar Series PART 1


2022 Workshops 

USDA Agriculture Resoruce Series (NRCS, FSA, RA) and Eastern Agecy BIA Natural Resorce Webinar 

Conservation Planning Webinar - Dine College Land Grant Office & NSA Project 

Navajo Sustainable Agriculture (NSA) Project YouTube Channel